Developing a Community Action Plan

This section supports groups to develop a Community Action Plan. It provides guidance for groups as they plan their community alcohol and other drug activities and complete the Community Action Plan template. Groups can seek further guidance from their ADF Relationship Manager.

Core aspects of community action

Community action to prevent alcohol and other drug-related harm has a number of core elements which should be considered during the development of your Community Action Plan, and incorporated throughout your activity.

Core aspects of community action:

  • A focus on preventing alcohol and other drug-related problems before they occur (not responding to/treating problems).
  • They should be community-led with strong community consultation and engagement.
  • They should involve collaboration and partnerships with local community partners.
  • They should be informed by evidence and responsive to local data and need.

Local Drug Action Teams are required to provide their Local Drug Action Team name, Community Action Plan title and start date when completing the Community Action Plan template. The template is then structured around the five key stages of developing your Community Action Plan:

  1. Confirm your local issue
  2. Determine your project/s and activities
  3. Set your objectives
  4. Map your steps
  5. Define your budget
  6. Measure your success

Community Action Plan template

The Local Drug Action Team’s Community Action Plan is available online with additional resources provided within the form to guide the development of your Community Action Plan. To access and develop the Community action plan LDATs should contact their ADF Relationship Manager.

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