How to use our logo

Important guidelines for using the brand mark of the LDAT program

Who can use it

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) grants Local Drug Action Teams who have received funding from the ADF a license to use the brand mark of the LDAT Program on program-related merchandise and promotional material in both print and digital formats.

How to use it

The brand mark must be used in accordance with the following LDAT Guidelines.

The Brand Mark User must only display, use or refer to the brand mark to enhance and promote the awareness and reputation of the LDAT Program. The Brand Mark User acknowledges that all intellectual property rights in the LDAT brand mark, are vested in the ADF and these terms shall not be construed as transferring or granting any intellectual property rights.

The rules

The LDAT logo (brand mark) can be used on stationery such as business cards, letterheads and signage, used on program promotional merchandise such as posters, pamphlets, information flyers, booklets, videos and digital assets as well as appropriate clothing and apparel. Examples include jumpers, hats, t-shirts etc.

The LDAT logo cannot:

  • be used on alcohol and other drug related items such as bar mats, stubby holders, etc.
  • be displayed next to advertising and promotion of brands that are not aligned with the purpose of the LDAT Program. These include alcohol, gambling and tobacco brands, pharmaceutical brands, illegal drug promotion/images, or any other material that the ADF may deem offensive.
  • be used as a profile picture on any social media channels. Instead we recommend that LDATs refer to the program on their About Us page.
  • No LDAT branded goods may be sold without prior consent from the ADF.

If you don’t follow the rules

The ADF will conduct random audits to ensure compliance with the Brand Guidelines. The ADF reserves the right to revoke the Brand Mark User’s license to use the brand mark at any time for reasons including, but not limited to, not adhering to program guidelines, displaying the logo in a way which is indecent or inappropriate, or in any way incompatible with the above requirements. If this occurs, or if a Brand Mark User’s accreditation is revoked, the Brand Mark User must immediately cease all use of the brand mark. Any existing display of the brand mark must be removed at the expense of the Brand Mark User.