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LDAT program FAQs

Find information on the Local Drug Action Team program, run by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

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Celebrating the women of the LDAT program

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

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About the LDAT program

Discover the Local Drug Action Team program, a community initiative backed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to address alcohol and drug-related harms locally.

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Case study: ReaL8 Program LDAT, NSW

Project Reimagine, driven by young voices, enhances support and connection through local sports, improving engagement and mental health.

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LDAT Spotlight: Logan youth thrive in mentoring program

A safe and inclusive space for unemployed young people to gain confidence and skills to transition to sustainable employment

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How to use our logo

Important guidelines for using the brand mark of the LDAT program

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LDAT program updates

Explore LDAT program updates, featuring simplified materials, streamlined systems, and new toolkits, reflecting community feedback for better prevention.

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CoP frequently asked questions

Find answers to questions LDATs and staff have asked about CoPs

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Community approaches

Community-led programs strengthen the ability of the community to identify, prevent and respond to local alcohol and other drug issues.

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Peer support toolkit overview

Explore Peer Support in the LDAT Program focusing on preventing alcohol and drug harms among young people. Discover guiding principles, and keys to delivering successful Peer Support Programs.

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Showing 10 of 57 results for "About the LDAT program"