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Pharmaceutical Drugs and Your Community overview

Learn about Pharmaceutical Drugs and Your Community Toolkit. Prevent and reduce AOD harms with this guide for Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs).

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Deliver your Community Action Plan

Implement your LDAT's Community Action Plan. Engage the community, promote activities, and manage finances to local address alcohol and other drug issues.

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AOD and Older Adults Overview

Explore the LDAT toolkit for AOD and Older Adults. Prevent alcohol and drug-related harms in adults from 50 onwards, enhancing their well-being.

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Creating Social Connection, Belonging and Purpose overview

Enable LDATs to effectively prevent AOD harms by promoting Social Connection, Belonging, and Purpose through community engagement.

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Education in schools overview

Promote schools with endorsed AOD policies, shaping student attitudes, fostering safer choices through a comprehensive, whole-school approach.

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Community Action Plan

When you join the Local Drug Action Team Program, you start by developing a Community Action Plan to outline the activities you will deliver.

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Evidence-informed primary prevention for youth

Numerous community prevention programs operate to reduce alcohol and other drug harms in youth. Two examples of evaluated youth prevention programs are outlined below (one local and one international).

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LDAT and Planet Youth

Planet Youth works by addressing the risk and protective factors that predict adolescent substance use, helping prevent the problem before it arises.

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ADF manages the Community Hub, offering support and resources for AOD harm reduction. ADF inspires positive change and leads the LDAT program in Australia.

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Healthy Workplaces overview

Learn about evidence-informed approaches for Healthy Workplaces, tackling alcohol and other drug harms in your community.

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Showing 10 of 57 results for "About the LDAT program"