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Substance Misuse Limestone coast LDAT

Limestone coast LDAT participants
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Dates of the project: Commenced in early 2018, continuing in 2019 under a new CAP

Target audience: 12–17 years/Whole of community/18–30 years

Limestone coast LDAT participants

Activity aim:

Deliver the Climate Schools program across a range of schools in order to prevent the harms associated with young people in the Limestone Coast area (refer to the Education in Schools Toolkit to learn more about this type of LDAT activity).

Issue being targeted

The higher rates of risk-taking behaviour among young people due to reduced access to health services, education, employment and recreational activities.

Drivers for the activity

There are significant challenges for this community regarding the complexity of ice use. This issue needs a whole of community approach in order to prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use, particularly among young people.

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Limestone Coast Climate schools

Limestone coast LDAT participants