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Strong partnerships in Rochester and Elmore

A dynamic cross-community group that also actively engages young people to help design and deliver their project. Find out more.

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Ballarat and District Drug Action Partnership LDAT leading prevention through sport

Local Drug Action Team’s Community Action Plan is aimed at empowering young people aged 15 to 30, who are engaged in community sport.

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AOD and community partnerships

Learn how to identify AOD community partners to address issues in your local community effectively. Explore partnership benefits and useful tips.

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About the LDAT program

Discover the Local Drug Action Team program, a community initiative backed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to address alcohol and drug-related harms locally.

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Evidence-informed primary prevention for youth

Numerous community prevention programs operate to reduce alcohol and other drug harms in youth. Two examples of evaluated youth prevention programs are outlined below (one local and one international).

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Deliver your Community Action Plan

Implement your LDAT's Community Action Plan. Engage the community, promote activities, and manage finances to local address alcohol and other drug issues.

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Community Engagement and Mobilisation overview

Discover the LDAT toolkit for Community Engagement, empowering communities to identify, engage, and collaboratively act on local issues effectively.

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Community Action Plan

When you join the Local Drug Action Team Program, you start by developing a Community Action Plan to outline the activities you will deliver.

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LDAT program FAQs

Find information on the Local Drug Action Team program, run by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

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Collect your data

Use various data collection tools, such as surveys and interviews, to effectively assess your activity's impact, meet goals, and improve future efforts.

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Showing 10 of 16 results for "Partnerships"