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Identify local alcohol and other drug issues

Identify and prioritise AOD issues in your community, gather information for targeted community action to address alcohol and other drug-related issues.

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Consult your community on AOD issues

Empower communities with evidence-based programs. Prioritise community engagement for impactful, tailored initiatives.

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About the LDAT program

Discover the Local Drug Action Team program, a community initiative backed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to address alcohol and drug-related harms locally.

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Community Action Plan

When you join the Local Drug Action Team Program, you start by developing a Community Action Plan to outline the activities you will deliver.

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Alcohol and other drug lifecycle planner

Use the AOD lifecycle planner for stage-specific community alcohol/drug issues.

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Get started

Learn more about local AOD issues, consulting with your community, the AOD lifecycle, and which activities address different ages and stages

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Community Engagement and Mobilisation overview

Discover the LDAT toolkit for Community Engagement, empowering communities to identify, engage, and collaboratively act on local issues effectively.

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Engaging the media

Learn how to engage with media effectively to promote community activities. Tips on identifying media, building relationships, and writing media releases.

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Key LDAT resources

These key resources will assist teams in building successful Local Drug Action teams and developing effective Community Action Plans

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AOD and community partnerships

Learn how to identify AOD community partners to address issues in your local community effectively. Explore partnership benefits and useful tips.

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Showing 10 of 17 results for "Local AOD issues"