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AOD and Young Adults Overview

Explore the LDAT toolkit for AOD and Young Adults. Empower institutions in higher education and the workforce to reduce AOD harm effectively.

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Working effectively with the media

Effective strategies for working with media to promote community activities. Tips on media relations, spokespersons, content, and getting your story noticed

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Pharmaceutical Drugs and Your Community overview

Learn about Pharmaceutical Drugs and Your Community Toolkit. Prevent and reduce AOD harms with this guide for Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs).

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LDAT program updates

Explore LDAT program updates, featuring simplified materials, streamlined systems, and new toolkits, reflecting community feedback for better prevention.

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Social media for your local community projects

Discover the power of social media for your community project. Learn how to leverage different platforms, connect with your audience, and promote activities.

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Getting started with evaluation

Evaluate AOD community activities to assess effectiveness, describe successes, and plan for improvement. Achieve goals and engage funders

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Prevention strategies

Explore primary prevention strategies to reduce alcohol and other drug harms through community engagement, action, and evidence-based education.

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