Social media for your local community projects

Leveraging social media

The term ‘social media’ is used to describe web-based apps, websites or tools that allow users to create and circulate content. Each social media platform is slightly different, including the audience it attracts, how content is shared and how users engage.

Why use social media?

Social media creates an online platform where organisations can connect directly with their communities 24/7. Social media allows organisations to achieve objectives, including:

  • promotion of activities, news and resources;
  • driving traffic to your website;
  • connecting with communities – especially ones that may be harder to reach in person;
  • online engagement and awareness; and
  • offering insight into how we can better communicate with our target audiences.

As a tool for research and evaluation, social media can also be used for:

  • building community partnerships;
  • community consultation; and
  • establishing evidence of need

LDATs might use a combination of these platforms to communicate with different audiences. To compare, we've created a snapshot of five of the most social media websites in Australia below.

If used consistently, social media can prove to be an effective marketing tool for organisations working hard to reduce alcohol and other drug harm (AOD) in their communities.

Promotional material available

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation have developed Staying Safe During COVID-19 Promotional Kit to provide you with social media and online resources that can be shared with your local community members to help them stay safe and stay connected with you. Visit (URL) to find out more.

Ethical considerations when using social media

There are many issues that arise from using social media to promote your work. Plan ahead to how you will collected information and images of your project's participant. Start by explaining clearly how you intend to use people's data and how they can opt out (informed consent).

Find out more on ethical considerations for communities and local projects and activities.

Time to reach a wider social media audience

Find out more about scaling your coverage up and reaching a wider social media audience.