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Port Pirie LDAT: Game On

Game On was a multi-player PC and console gaming event held on Sunday 24th March, 2019 at the Northern Festival Centre.

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Spotlight: Glow Up Central Goldfields LDAT

Discover how Glow Up Central Goldfields LDAT empowers refugees through sports, fostering community, resilience, and belonging.

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LDATs keeping busy during Youth Week

LDAT activities celebrate youth achievements, provide social spaces, and creatively reduce harm from alcohol and other drugs.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LDATs

The Local Drug Action Team program is made up of over 30% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LDATs: how the program is working for varied communities

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LDATs change course to deliver for communities

In creative ways Drug Action Teams around Australia are overcoming the barriers COVID-19 lockdown is throwing up and new opportunities are opening up

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LDAT Spotlight: Adelaide’s Radio Italiana 531 LDAT

Adelaide’s Radio Italiana 531 Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) is working in the local Italian community to increase knowledge about the effects of alcohol and other drugs, reduce stigma and spark conversations.

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Interview with Hoi Sinh multicultural LDAT

The Hoi Sinh LDAT provides culturally appropriate alcohol and drug education for Vietnamese and Afghan youth and parents in Adelaide.

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Spotlight: Huon Valley LDAT 'ARVOS'

The ARVOS program provides social spaces for young people to have fun and express themselves free of alcohol and other drugs in Tasmania.

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Baw Baw LDAT virtually shooting hoops

Despite coronavirus restrictions, young people in Baw Baw, Victoria were still able to get involved in competitive sport.

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Substance Misuse Limestone coast LDAT

The higher rates of risk-taking behaviour among young people due to reduced access to health services, education, employment and recreational activities.

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Showing 10 of 87 results for "LDAT"