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Community approaches

Community-led programs strengthen the ability of the community to identify, prevent and respond to local alcohol and other drug issues.

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About the LDAT program

Discover the Local Drug Action Team program, a community initiative backed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to address alcohol and drug-related harms locally.

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Prevention strategies

Explore primary prevention strategies to reduce alcohol and other drug harms through community engagement, action, and evidence-based education.

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Key LDAT resources

These key resources will assist teams in building successful Local Drug Action teams and developing effective Community Action Plans

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Social media for your local community projects

Discover the power of social media for your community project. Learn how to leverage different platforms, connect with your audience, and promote activities.

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Identify local alcohol and other drug issues

Identify and prioritise AOD issues in your community, gather information for targeted community action to address alcohol and other drug-related issues.

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