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Community Alcohol Management Guide for Local Governments

Local Governments and other groups and associations can tackle alcohol and other drug issues in the community with strategies, approaches and tools

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LDAT Spotlight: Alcohol advertising campaign educates Warrnambool

Hard-hitting campaign using NHMRC drinking guidelines and motivating change in Western Victoria Australia

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Developing a community alcohol profile

Integrate alcohol actions into council’s plans: as a first step understand the local alcohol issues and what your council is already doing in response

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Alcohol and Pregnancy toolkit overview

Discover the LDAT toolkit for Alcohol and Pregnancy. Promote evidence-based strategies to prevent alcohol harm during pregnancy effectively.

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LGA: Alcohol availability, sponsorship and advertising

This policy specifically relates to the promotion , sponsorship and advertising of alcohol products.

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Community Action on Alcohol Availability overview

Access LDAT toolkit for Community Action on Alcohol Availability. Empower communities to address alcohol harms and influence local decisions.

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Identify local alcohol and other drug issues

Identify and prioritise AOD issues in your community, gather information for targeted community action to address alcohol and other drug-related issues.

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Local government alcohol-related data

Support sheet for local governments: collect data, better inform strategy and actions, and measure impacts of actions being implemented over time

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Alcohol consumption at council-run events

Sample statement for policy to prevent and reduce harm from alcohol products at Council-run event to support a safer drinking culture and environment

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Alcohol and other drug lifecycle planner

Use the AOD lifecycle planner for stage-specific community alcohol/drug issues.

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Showing 10 of 73 results for "Alcohol"