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Community Alcohol Management Guide for Local Governments

The Community Alcohol Management Guide (‘How to Guide’) has been developed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) and VicHealth, as a practical resource to support Victorian local governments to implement relevant actions locally to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harm.

Local governments are in a key position to engage and influence prevention outcomes on a community level and play an important role in leading change locally to work towards building stronger and healthier communities.

Some of the benefits include:

  • reduced alcohol-related risks and liabilities, waste collection and cleaning, complaints
  • changing social and cultural norms to promote activities that do not feature alcohol consumption as a central component
  • cost savings and sharing resources and improved revenue for council
  • legislative compliance.

This resource has been developed specifically to address a need for Local Governments to tackle alcohol and other drug issues in the community, however many of the strategies, approaches and tools can be used across a range of organisations to address Alcohol and other drug issues in their community.

Access the Community Alcohol Management Guide

For Local Governments

For those that have had the chance to read and/or use the Guide you have the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to ensure this resource stays relevant to your needs in being able to prevent and minimise alcohol harm in your communities.