High quality data sources

City of Greater Dandenong

Statistical data for Victorian communities

Includes a comprehensive dataset of social indicators and alcohol-related statistics.

Department of Health & Human Services, State Government of Victoria, Australia

Victorian Population Health Survey provides data for a range of indicators of public health importance regarding the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of adult Victorians at state and local government levels.

Crime Statistics Agency

Crime statistics are available for broad crime categories, such as assaults, sexual offences, property damage, public order and security offences.

Heart Foundation

A range of data sources that councils can use to track alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm, licensed venues, and other local social, economic, crime and treatment statistics.

National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University

Includes an Australian alcohol-attributable harm visualisation tool.
Data from this site can be used to identify state-by-state and national trends in alcohol-attributable deaths and hospitalisations in Australia, as well as to create maps and charts of alcohol-attributable harm.

Turning Point

The comprehensive ‘AODstats’ database includes Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics, a mapping webpage, trend data, ambulance data, assaults during high alcohol hours and family violence with suspected alcohol involvement.

This tool was developed with the support, expertise and guidance of Dr Peter Streker.

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