Case study

Strong Aboriginal Families in Eidsvold (SAFE) LDAT

Eidsvold hand crafts
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Dates of the project: April 2017–March 2018

Target audience: Primary: 12–17 years Secondary: 18–30 years

Child making natural pigment

Activity aim:

This LDAT aimed to prevent the use of methamphetamine, alcohol and illicit drugs among people aged 12–30 years old, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Issue being targeted

The Eidsvold community was experiencing significant harms associated with alcohol and other drugs, particularly among young people. The LDAT wanted to focus on creating more opportunities for people to connect and participate in shared activities.

Drivers for the activity

The LDAT identified issues in the community by conducting a range of different consultations, including regular school and community meetings, talking to young Indigenous parents at playgroup, visiting young people at the local football club training, etc.

Additionally, the LDAT was able to identify relevant data from the census, which highlighted key risk factors for alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harms in the community, including the number of people that identify as Aboriginal (>35%), number of single parent households (31%), unemployment (38.6%), disability among the Indigenous population (11.4%) and low socioeconomic status (63% have an income of less than $400 per week).

Eidsvold SAFE group

Eidsvold SAFE group in park

Eidsvold hand crafts

Eidsvold hand crafts