Case study

Mt Druitt Local Aboriginal Drug Action Team.

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Dates of the project: November 2018 and ongoing

Target audience: Adult Aboriginal residents from Mt Druitt area (Western Sydney)

Mt Druitt LDAT

Activity aim:

To ‘support local workers and volunteers to participate in the training program developed by the Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Center’ as part of a larger program of ‘adopting, adapting and developing appropriate programs for use within the Mt Druitt Aboriginal community’.

Issue being targeted

This project seeks to reduce AOD harm by enhancing protective factors associated with culture, art, dance, belonging, traditional and contemporary healing, transgenerational resilience, and ritual. The unifying focus is support for the development of a healing and belonging hub in Mt Druitt.

Drivers for the activity

Transgenerational trauma corrodes community and increases the prevalence of alcohol and other drug (AOD) harm throughout the community. The Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) was developed in 1992 and has been successfully applied since. Given the success of the program it was considered a good prospect to test the model under Australian conditions to see if comparable results could be achieved.

The Australian activity became known as a Gathering of Traditional Owners (GOTO).

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sign "Heal our past build our future"

sign "Heal our past build our future"