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Bunbury Geographe Aboriginal LDAT

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Dates of the project: December 2017 – December 2018

Target audience: Primary: 12–17 years, Secondary: 18–30 years

Priority population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Activity aim:

The overall goal of the Bunbury Geographe Aboriginal LDAT is to reduce the likelihood of young Aboriginal people becoming involved in substance misuse behaviours by strengthening known protective factors, for example: healthy relationships, constructive recreational activities, quality education and various forms of social support. In doing so, the LDAT worked to deliver project activities based on recommendations made by community members, including high school students, during community consultations.

Issue being targeted

The key issue that was targeted by this LDAT is the use of alcohol and other drugs, particularly methamphetamine, among young people.

Drivers for the activity

A known issue among young people is boredom and participation in antisocial behaviour, leading to issues relating to harms associated with alcohol and other drug use. This LDAT wanted to provide opportunities for young people to engage in fun activities that connected them to peers and other community members.

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