Upcoming webinars

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) is developing a series of toolkits to guide Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs) in the delivery of their activities.

LDATs are strongly encouraged to consider these toolkits when developing their Community Action Plan, and use the evidence-informed approaches outlined in these toolkits to plan, deliver and evaluate their projects.

LDATs are also encouraged to watch the related toolkit webinars to get a better understanding of these toolkit project areas.

Register your interest now

This page outlines upcoming webinars: click through to register to join these webinars now for those LDAT activity areas that you are interested in.

If you are part of an existing LDAT, or if you’re thinking of starting an LDAT and have potential partners in mind, then we would encourage them to register for the same webinars.

Webinars held previously can be viewed as a video on the Toolkits and webinars page.

Each webinar includes:

  • an outline of the Toolkit contents (including overview, planning, delivery and measuring success)
  • explores a relevant theme from the topic to contextualise the relevance of the toolkit
  • provides examples of related programs
  • and provides opportunities for questions and comments.

LDAT Toolkit Webinar: Involving volunteers

diverse community

Activities run by Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs) can often be enhanced through the additional skills and time made available by tapping into volunteers in your community.

Volunteer roles can range from regular ongoing participation, to irregular ad hoc assistance around specific events or parts of your LDAT’s activity.

Either way, volunteers can be a crucial resource enabling your LDAT to lift community engagement and deliver its activities.

LDAT Toolkit Webinar: Community participation in liquor licensing

community participation

The ‘Community participation in liquor licensing’ webinar is concerned with how communities can influence decision-making and make a representation (objection/comment) in response to a liquor licence application.

The involvement of community voices in the liquor licensing process is provided for by state and territory-specific legislation. This outlines how communities can respond to proposed licences, and how they argue the case for it not be granted – or granted with certain conditions.

This webinar explores how community participation in liquor licensing can be lifted by LDATs across Australia.