Refining your focus

Before you begin, take some time to reflect on the key questions you would like to address when measuring the success of your activity. This will help to refine your focus.

Key questions may relate to a number of key areas, such as: need for program, reach, appropriateness, adoption, implementation, effectiveness, efficiency and/or maintenance. Some generic questions for measuring the success of activities to prevent alcohol and other drug harms are provided in the table below.

Questions for measuring success

Question focus Questions
Process • Has the activity been delivered as intended?
• What factors (both positive and negative) have affected the delivery?
• What proportion of the target audience were involved in your related activity?
• Has uptake of your activity varied by socio–economic position, Indigenous status, non-English speaking background and/or rural/metropolitan location?
• How well did your activity meet the needs of the target audience?
• Have participants been satisfied with your activity?
Impacts and outcomes • Have the activity’s objectives been achieved?
• Have all activities been appropriate and effective in achieving the impacts
and outcomes?
• Were there any unexpected outcomes?
• What have been the critical success factors and barriers to achieving success?
• How much money and time did we spend on our activity? Is the cost reasonable in relation
to the magnitude of the benefits?
• Have levels of partnership and community engagement increased?
• How did your partners add value to your work?
Implications for future Community Action Plan activities and policy • Should the activity be continued or developed further for use in future Community Action Plans?
• Where to from here?
• How can the Community Action Plan's activity be improved in the future?
• How will the Community Action Plan's activity, or impact of the activity, be sustained beyond the initial timeframe?
• Will additional resources be required to continue or further develop the activity?[1]