Measuring your success

This section supports groups to measure the success of community action to prevent and minimise alcohol and other drug-related harms. It provides guidance on identifying measures of success, selecting the right measurement tools for the chosen activity, and sharing Community Action Plan successes.

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Measuring your success, or evaluating your Community Action Plan activity, is important because it answers the questions:

  • Did we achieve our objectives?
  • Is anyone better off?
  • Was our activity successful?

Having a Community Action Plan helps keep you focused, and allows you to check how you have gone against the objectives you set at the start. Monitoring and measuring the success of your Community Action Plan's activity helps you see what went well, and what can be improved next time around.

Measuring the success of your Community Action Plan is important as it allows you to:

  • check how you have gone against the objectives you set at the start
  • assess the effectiveness of your activity
  • describe your successes to others
  • identify the areas you intend to improve next time
  • stay motivated and be thinking ahead to the next aspect of your development as a Local Drug Action Team.

Often community action to prevent alcohol and other drug-related harms is an ongoing process over many years. Measuring success is something to be done throughout the delivery of your Community Action Plan, not just at the end of your activity.