Define your budget

This section of the Community Action Plan is where you and your partners consider all your income and expenditure lines.

Please note that:

  • LDAT’s can apply for grants of up to $40,000 every 12 months (this amount includes the initial $10,000 grant allocation to develop a Community Action Plan). However, there will be very limited numbers of these maximum grant amounts awarded.
  • Please put the amount you are applying for in the Income column of your budget and title this row “LDAT Funding”
  • Please include any other revenue in the Income column i.e. any additional prior funding received, and contributions from organisations in your LDAT including any in-kind support.
  • Any capital expenditure over $500 must be listed as an individual line item in the budget.
  • Community Action Plan funding grants are to be spent within 12 months of their allocation.

The table for your budget is a guide only. You may need to add additional columns or rows if you have for example multiple sources of in-kind support.