More information on becoming an LDAT

The Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program supports organisations to build or extend local partnerships and develop evidence-based activities to prevent and minimise harms caused by alcohol and other drugs where it matters the most - at the grass-roots, community level.

The fact is, no community is the same and we know that locally-led responses are the most effective when it comes to addressing the challenges of alcohol and other drugs, including crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’).

The Local Drug Action Team Program is part of the Australian Government’s investment of more than $450 million under the National Ice Action Strategy since 2016-17.

Successful Local Drug Action Teams are expected to be announced in April 2021. They will receive $10,000 and will be supported by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to develop and implement a tailored Community Action Plan addressing alcohol and other drug issues in their community, with opportunities to apply for further funding to deliver additional activities.

Becoming an LDAT: step by step resource

Learn more about the program and decide if it’s right for your community

Who can apply

The LDAT Program is open to all communities in Australia wanting to prevent and minimise alcohol and other drug issues.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation accepts applications from a range of organisations who join forces to create a partnership to make a positive difference in their local area. These organisations include local councils, health centres, youth services, employment agencies, sports teams, schools, businesses, police, among many others.

Learn how to build a successful Local Drug Action Team

The LDAT Practical Guide supports LDATs and partners to identify alcohol and other drug issues, engage and consult community to explore and understand the identified issues further, and to build the right partnerships with community organisations – all critical steps in developing your Community Action Plan to address your local issues.

We recommend that you a look at the Guide before applying to become a Local Drug Action Team so that you have a really good idea of what’s involved.

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