Webinar: Drug Education in Schools

Drug education and supporting programs are critical to combating prevalent drug myths that young people will be exposed to – such as the common exaggerations by some media outlets of how many Australians are heavy drinkers or illegal drug users – and providing them with fact-based and trustworthy information and support.

Presenters Geoff Munro and Robyn Ramsden both have experience working directly in or with Australian schools, as well as in alcohol and other drug prevention and research.

In this session, they cover:

  • The whole schools approach
  • Principles for school drug education
    • Who should deliver drug education?
    • Dos and don’ts
  • Peer education and mentoring programs
    • Tips for planning a peer initiative
    • Examples of other programs
  • Parent engagement
    • Examples of other programs
  • Evaluation tips

Their presentation slides, available for download below, feature a number of links to further resources and examples of other programs to help support the development of your own projects.

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