Providing Support for Teenagers toolkit overview

The following toolkit provides an overview of Providing Support for Teenagers, with the aim of guiding you to implement this approach in your Local Drug Action Team (LDAT). LDATs can access the full version of the toolkits through the Community Action Plan platform LOG IN link (top right).

The toolkit focuses on evidence-based approaches to prevent and minimize alcohol and drug harms among teenagers. It provides principles, resources, and advice primarily for parents/carers but also applies to other influencers working with teens. By enhancing parents/carers' knowledge and communication skills, the toolkit aims to create family environments that lower the risk of substance use.

Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs) can educate parents/carers and significant adults on the importance of safeguarding young people from early substance use and promote strategies to reduce risks. Supporting teenagers directly contributes to reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors related to alcohol and drugs.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Key points for LDATs
  • Drawing on existing programs
  • Guiding principles
  • Considerations for planning and delivery
  • Delivering Providing Support for Teenagers: key activity and measuring success
  • Delivering Providing Support for Teenagers: key steps
What works with teenagers?
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