AOD and Young Adults Overview

When talking about Alcohol, Other Drugs and Young Adults, we are referring to realistic/applicable approaches to helping young people in higher education and the workforce to reduce AOD harm. LDATs can access the full version of the toolkits through the Community Action Plan platform LOG IN link (top right).

The age at which young people transition from high school into university or the workforce is strongly correlated with the beginning of mental health and substance issues.

It is important to ensure that the key institutions where these life transitions happen understand these risks, and are able to support young people who are facing them. This may include places like universities, TAFEs, colleges, workplaces, etc. LDATs can play a role in supporting both young people and these key institutions.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Key points
  • Drawing on existing programs
  • Guiding principles
  • Considerations for planning and delivery
  • AOD and Young Adults: key activity and measuring success
  • AOD and Young Adults: key steps

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