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DrugInfo Stakeholder Kit

DrugInfo helps thousands of Australians every year by listening, providing the facts and sharing contact details for counselling, treatment and support services.

DrugInfo was developed as a phone and email service providing information on alcohol and other drugs.

Call or email DrugInfo

It’s a free and confidential service – speak to a real person for real information about alcohol and other drugs, and get advice on how you can best support yourself or someone you’re concerned about.

Phone: 1300 85 85 84

Email: druginfo@adf.org.au

Share the DrugInfo Stakeholder Kit

The kit has been developed so you can easily share DrugInfo to your communities. In this kit, you will find a template for your social media, newsletters and website, to help raise awareness of this service – and reach the people that most need it. We invite you to use and adapt the resources provided in this kit to help promote DrugInfo.