COVID-19 update

The ADF would like to acknowledge the strain being placed on communities around the country as the impact of coronavirus unfolds.

We understand the value of all of the work that you do within your communities and recognise that many are being directly impacted by the spread of COVID-19. Please get in touch with your Relationship Manager if you require any special assistance and support from the ADF during this time.

Despite this environment of uncertainty, we are committed to continuing to work with you to support your Drug Action Team’s activities and our staff will be contacting Drug Action Teams over the coming weeks to check in on your needs.

We know that uncertain times can increase alcohol and drug (AOD) use and harms and so your work has never been more important. We will be providing additional relevant AOD prevention and harm minimisation information, via our regular channels, that you can use to share with your communities.

Now is an opportune time for your Drug Action Team to:

  • Move to community outreach via digital channels to ensure your audience knows where to find support and resources to help them through challenging times;
  • Spend time planning future activities or new ways to deliver your CAP/ action plan, such as through social media or online;
  • Review the toolkits and resources freely available to you on the LDAT Community Hub website to identify new evidence-based techniques to boost your future activities.

We are also working on developing innovative ways to increase our support for partners and look forward to working with you throughout this challenging environment to maintain our efforts.

Your Relationship Manager will be in contact to provide support and resources and will always be only a phone call or email away, whenever you require them.

Promotional material available

We have compiled this promotional kit to provide you with social media and online resources that can be shared with your local community members to help them stay safe and stay connected with you.